Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Proposal

Organic Pesticide Out Of Ampalaya ( momordica charantia ) Extract
With Cigarette Ashes
Chapter I
A. Background Of The Study

Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous pests in the environment. They live almost in houses, others on the bookshelves or even in the kitchen they carry dangerous diseases. Termites digests food like pieces of wood, paper and other materials containing cellulose. they do much damage by tunneling through wood works in houses. they destroy furnitures and other sugarcane. So by these backgrounds of destructive pests, the researchers conducted this study to stop them from producing more of its kind.
B. Statement Of The Problem
This study aims to investigate whether their is a bad or good effect, when we apply the finished product to the cockroaches, termites and other pests. And it is also want to get the significant effect between organic pesticide investigated compared to the commercial pesticide.
It is especially aims to answer the following questions:
a.) To be able to know how effective are ampalaya pesticide?
b.) Can ampalaya pesticide and cigarette ashes can be an alternative pesticide?
C. Significance Of The Study
These insects are pests once they allowed to proliferate. The chemical or synthetic insecticides are usually used to control them. But there are disadvantages in using them. Among these are the vacinity of dangers. They posed on the environment. They may cause air pollution and deplete the ozone layer.
D. Scope And Limitations
This study is limited only for the used of ampalaya and cigarrete ashes as pesticide and no other. In older times, ampalaya was known for its bitter taste. The nicotine is in cigarrete ashes produces a suffocating smell. It is possible that this smell is also offensive to insects.
E. Definition Of Terms
Pesticide- substances for killing pests and what are trying to make out of ampalaya extract and cigarette ashes.
Ampalaya- one of the main ingredients in making this pesticide.
Cigarette Ashes- one of the main ingredients in making this study which remains or what we called cigarette ashes.
Cockroaches and Termites- the insects to be applied by ampalaya insecticide and the one we are trying to prevent from poliferating.